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Preschool News | Family Fall Fest

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Preschool Visits The Fire Station!
The first field trip for our new school year was taken to the Or-land Park Fire Station #2 on Monday and Tuesday, October 11 and 12. Each of our classes enjoyed a tour of the station, seeing how the fire-fighters live there for 24 hours at a time and therefore need a kitchen, bedrooms, TV room, and weight room.

The firefighters wanted to be sure we knew they were our friends and we should never be afraid of them. They put on all their gear and told us that it was their job to help children and others in trou-ble. They have a lot of big tools and equipment. When they showed us their hoses and the huge nozzles that attach to them, they turned the water on and gave each child the opportunity to hold the hose and aim for an orange cone, knocking it down with the shooting water! What fun!

While we were there, a call came in for an ambulance so we were able to hear the sirens and see the firefighters rushing off to do their work! When we got back to class, we practiced fire safety. We know how to call 9-1-1 in case of an emergency and how to stop-drop-roll if our clothes ever catch on fire.

Orland Preschool Hosts Fall Family Fest
On Thursday evening, October 14 our preschoolers and their families got together in the Family Life Center for a Fall Family Fest celebration. It was exciting to have our parents, siblings, and even some of our grandparents come to school with us! We started off the night by opening with prayer and singing some of our favorite fall songs—about apples, acorns, and autumn leaves.

There were three activity stations set up around the gym for us to enjoy together. Our parents and siblings helped us make a “Squirrel and his Acorn” puppet craft, a “What’s Inside the Pumpkin” craft, and then reach into a pile of shredded paper for a candy hunt. Our evening ended with baked goods and apple juice/cider as we vis-ited together and got to know our new friends a little better.

Thank you to our teachers Janna Kuyvenhoven and Angie VanderKooi, our Church Council rep Skip VanRyn and his family, Cindy Schipma, and Kris Doorn for helping us to serve and clean up after the party. We appreciate the support and prayers of our whole church family

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